First Portfolio Submission

February 25, 2014 – Submitting this portfolio has been nothing less than a miracle. It has been five weeks of late night (or all night) projects—as often as I could stand to swing them—and in the midst of that effort we had a baby and overcame complications with the pregnancy that almost claimed mom’s life. I continued to work full time and we continued to homeschool our other children.

In order to complete the work for this first portfolio submission I had to (a) review my various, scattered blogs and learning logs and move their content to my new learning log on this site, (b) backdate all of the blog posts so they would show up in the proper order and accurately represent my learning endeavors, (c) add date references and occasional author updates to the content of the log posts, (d) link the 2000/2005 and 2012 AECT standards to each post, (e) move the artifacts to one Google Drive or onto one website (this is not completely finished for non-edtech posts), (f) choose and set up a standard format for the appearance of the learning log posts, (g) set up tags for all of the learning log posts and link them to the individual entries, (h) identify icons with a creative commons licensing for use with learning artifact links and employ them on all posts and summary content, (i) copy all of this information, including AECT standards, into a class-by-class summary of learning artifacts (the class pages), (j) build a complete AECT table with every artifact mapped to every standard in the 2000/2005 and 2012 revisions, (k) simplify down the final AECT table that will be submitted in the portfolio, (l) write the rationale paper, (m) record the reflection video, (n) link screenshots of these resources to the widgets, menus, and home page on this site, and (o) double check everything for accuracy.

I’m tired.

I still need to finish indexing the 505 weekly assignments, add the last few 504 learning artifacts that were never indexed, move photo assets for non-EDTECH 597 blog posts to this site, review all of the selected learning artifact and refine them in preparation for the final submission, implement any suggestions I receive in the preliminary reviews, fine tune the rationale paper and reflection video, shorten the reflection video, and add more visuals to the navigation on the front page.

I have a lot to do for the photography as well, but I’m not going to spell that out here.