EDTECH Portfolio

russnashMy name is Russell Nash. I work as a district executive for the Boy Scouts of America. I have been employed previously as a seminary instructor in a privately-owned religious educational system and have worked as a self-employed photographer. I have formal college training in the fields of plant science and plant pathology.

My wife and I are home-school parents to seven children. We have been heavily influenced by the Thomas Jefferson (TJEd) approach to education and the Charlotte Mason method. We are involved in various community outreach efforts and regularly seek teaching opportunities in non-traditional educational settings.

My views on educational technology add to the diversity of the profession. I have focused my graduate coursework on emerging technologies and how they can be employed to enhance learning. My situation and background have inspired in me a love of developing instructional tools, fostering situated learning, and teaching through stories. Whether in one-on-one interactions, in volunteer capacities, or in business settings, I have found numerous opportunities, and expect to yet find many more opportunities, to employ the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that I have gained in my Master of Educational Technology coursework.

On this website you will find my AECT Standards table and list of learning artifacts, my rationale paper, and my reflection video. My entire learning log is also available on this site. Entries can be viewed in chronological order and by course.

AECT Standards Table/Artifacts
Rationale Paper
Reflection Video

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