I wish I had these shoes 30 years ago

Every once in a while you find something and wonder how you ever lived without it (enter Vibram Five Fingers).

I guess I have wide feet. Last November my doctor warned me not to wear narrow shoes. In December I purchased a new pair of 12W boots and discovered that I enjoyed not having my toes pinched together all day.

Then, over spring break, friends introduced me to Vibram Five Fingers. I purchased my first pair the next week and started the transition process. Soon I had a copy of Katy Bowman’s book, Whole Body Barefoot, and started to evaluate my progress transitioning to minimal footwear.

vibram_old_1_12x8_72p_MG_0686Two months later I picked up this pair of Trek Ascent LR five fingers and wore them every day at Scout camp. The rocks sometimes tortured my aching heels, but I learned to change my gait and move with my environment. My feet will never be the same again.

The boots I bought last winter are too tight on my feet now and I am uncomfortable in anything other than my Vibrams. Sometimes people who see my shoes look at me quizzically or shake their heads and mutter something about the way my feet look, but I think it is humorous that many now identify me by my feet. One little boy at camp this summer called me “the big guy with funny feet”.

If only they knew why I love this well worn, stained, and beloved pair of Vibrams.

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