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Picture of Joseph Fielding Smith

19 October 2014 – Here are a few of the noteworthy quotes that I found today in chapter 23 of the Teachings of the Presidents of the Church: Joseph Fielding Smith manual (pages 287-289):

“That is what life is all about, to develop our potential, and especially to gain self-mastery” (Joseph Fielding Smith, in The Life of Joseph Fielding Smith, 10).

In a letter written to Joseph as he served a mission, his wife, Louie, wrote, “I know that you love duty far more than you do pleasure and so I have so much love and trust that I feel as though you are about as near being a perfect young man as could be” (Louie Shurtliff Smith, in The Life of Joseph Fielding Smith, 113).

Regarding the need to arise early each morning, President Smith often told his children, “People die in bed. And so does ambition” (Joseph Fielding Smith, in Joseph Fielding McConkie, “Joseph Fielding Smith,” in Leonard J. Arrington, ed. The Presidents of the Church (1986), 336-37).

“I am not at all in sympathy with any kind of movement that tends to destroy manhood by encouraging men to be idle, and I don’t care what age that is. It doesn’t matter how old he gets, if a man is physically strong and is able to perform services, he should take care of himself; that the Lord expects him to do” (Joseph Fielding Smith, in Conference Report, April 1945, 48-49).

“Every man who is obliged to provide for his own family, let him provide” (D&C 75:28).

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