Wood Badge Ticket #5

As I turn my attention to completing my Wood Badge tickets, I am going to publish these tickets and my progress here on russnash.me. Some of these tickets require additional blog entries to demonstration completion. All of these tickets were written on course with only limited time for refinement. As currently written, they may lack the clarity that I intend to impart over time.

Ticket #5 – COMPLETE (see comments)

Wood Badge Course: W2-111-14-1
Position: Sawtooth District Executive
Beneficiaries: Sawtooth District Committee and commissioner staff

Vision of Success: The Sawtooth District Committee and commissioner staff will function as a norming to performing team and generate positive outcomes among unit health and performance in the district.

Goal: Hold a series of three staff development training sessions with the district committee and commissioner staff to teach the following team building and performance concepts: the stages of team building, using EDGE in team development, communication, planning, and leading change.

Who: The Sawtooth District Committee

What: Team building training

When: July through October, 2014

Where: District meetings

Why: To strengthen the district team

How: Design instruction that foreshadows (but doesn’t supplant) Wood Badge; situate teaching within the context of cultural change and create a district identity

Verification: Report to the Sawtooth Key 3 and Wood Badge troop guide.

One thought on “Wood Badge Ticket #5”

  1. 12 May 2015 – Report on completion. In October 2014, I taught the district staff about the stages of team building and about integrating EDGE into the process. In March 2015, I provided training on effective planning and backdating, and in May 2015, I trained the committee on communication and leading change.

    The training in May about leading change catalyzed a wonderful discussion among district volunteers and generated enthusiasm for improving our program.

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