Wood Badge Ticket #4

As I turn my attention to completing my Wood Badge tickets, I am going to publish these tickets and my progress here on russnash.me. Some of these tickets require additional blog entries to demonstration completion. All of these tickets were written on course with only limited time for refinement. As currently written, they may lack the clarity that I intend to impart over time.

Ticket #4 – COMPLETE (see comments)

Wood Badge Course: W2-111-14-1
Position: Order of the Arrow Staff Adviser
Beneficiaries: Members of the Ma-I-Shu Lodge

Vision of Success: Develop a process for tracking membership that (a) is youth-led, (b) is checked for accuracy by the membership advisor or staff advisor, (c) is perpetual (i.e., a long-term practice in the lodge), (d) can be easily passed to new leadership, and (e) is in agreement with BSA, OA, and council policies.

Goal: Develop a process for gathering and maintaining OA membership records. This process will be youth-led, adult-checked, and sustainable through leadership changes.

Who: Membership vice chief and his adviser

What: A process for maintaining OA membership records

When: July through November, 2014

Where: At the Scout office (paper records) and online using OA Lodgemaster software

Why: To maintain accurate membership resources and records to the lodge can more fully serve its membership

How: Gather and transpose paper records into OA Lodgemaster; determine a process for gathering those records

Verification: Presentation to the lodge key 3 at the second lodge leadership and development conference in 2014

One thought on “Wood Badge Ticket #4”

  1. 12 May 2015 – Report of completion. Here are the steps I have taken to achieve this goal.

    Youth Led
    First, I migrated lodge membership records to the online Lodgemaster program, then gave program access to select youth and adult leaders. Lodgemaster allows the LEC to control the amount of access each person has to member records. Currently, the lodge doesn’t have a membership vice chief, but the chief and vice-chief have access.

    Additionally, I created a simple check in form that youth or adults can use when participants check in at an event. This form gives members regular opportunities to update their personal information. It is not Internet dependent, but it has the information required to keep Lodgemaster up to date.

    Advisor Supervision
    The check-in forms are part of the attendance paperwork trail at the council office. This means that adults who process the paperwork will also be supervising the membership process. Adults also supervise Lodgemaster access.

    The cloud-based nature of Lodgemaster is a huge jump toward sustainability. Lodgemaster makes membership information available in a secure manner from any computer. The Supreme Chief of the Fire (Scout executive) or staff advisor can grant Lodgemaster access to multiple people. This arrangement should prevent accidental or intentional loss of information.

    I have developed a set of instructions to go with the check in form (included on the back of the form). These directions will help new leaders take charge of the membership process. Because of these directions, former leaders and council office staff won’t have to train new leaders as often.

    Perpetual (survives leadership changes)
    My process is perpetual because the check in form can be used at all events all year long. Additionally, Lodgemaster access is not dependent on local funding or expertise and involving the council office secures continuity during leadership changes.

    Policy Compliant
    Lodgemaster is secure. The council office can immediately grant or revoke access to maintain that security. The Supreme Chief of the Fire (Scout executive) has ultimate control over Lodgemaster access.

    The staff advisor or council service center still handle or process event payments. My new system did not change this. Lodge members can now pay annual dues online in a fillable form created with the Wufoo platform, but financial processes are ultimately supervised by the council business manager.

    Paper-based forms with sensitive information are usually destroyed once processed.

    The lodge did not hold a second LLD in 2014. I presented this material to lodge leaders individually.

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