Wood Badge Ticket #3

As I turn my attention to completing my Wood Badge tickets, I am going to publish these tickets and my progress here on russnash.me. Some of these tickets require additional blog entries to demonstration completion. All of these tickets were written on course with only limited time for refinement. As currently written, they may lack the clarity that I intend to impart over time.

Ticket #3 – COMPLETE (see comments)
Diversity Goal

Wood Badge Course: W2-111-14-1
Position: Camp director
Beneficiaries: Spanish-speaking camp attendees

Vision of Success: Broaden the council’s foundation for successful implementation of BSA’s Hispanic initiative. Make the Snake River Council more friendly, or inviting, toward the growing Hispanic population living in our area.

Goal: Translate three key camp documents into Spanish and publish them through traditional council venues.

Who: Spanish-speaking Scouters

What: Translations of key camp documents such as the leader’s guide, staff manual, and registration paperwork.

When: Summer 2014

Where: Council-wide

Why: To promote work with the Hispanic Emphasis

How: Translation, peer review (for accuracy), and publication

Verification: Report to Scout executive and troop guide

One thought on “Wood Badge Ticket #3”

  1. 12 May 2016 – Completion Report. Here are the camp documents that I have translated into Spanish.

    Reservar un Sitio de Campaña 2016
    Equipo y Programa del Campamento
    Tabla de las Insignias de Merito

    I chose these documents because I felt that they are the documents that Spanish-speaking parents, youth, or leaders are most likely to see. They are the key documents from the troop guidebook that were previously posted to the resources menu on the Camp Bradley homepage.

    The venue that I chose for publication is the primary venue I use for all Camp Bradley information: the camp homepage.

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