Wood Badge Ticket #2

As I turn my attention to completing my Wood Badge tickets, I am going to publish these tickets and my progress here on russnash.me. Some of these tickets require additional blog entries to demonstration completion. All of these tickets were written on course with only limited time for refinement. As currently written, they may lack the clarity that I intend to impart over time.

Ticket #2 – COMPLETE (see comments)

Wood Badge Course: W2-111-14-1
Position: 2014 Cub Scout day camp director
Beneficiaries: Cub Scout leaders

Vision of Success: The camp program will be organized far enough in advance that unit’s attending camp can incorporate the camp’s program achievements and activities into their annual unit plans.

Goal: Produce the leader’s guide for the 2015 camp season before (or very early) in the 2014-15 program year.

Who: Cub Scout leaders and camp staff

What: Produce next year’s leader guide  early enough for leaders to meet JTE timelines

When: August or September 2014

Where: Online release; council-wide

Why: To facilitate unit JTE adherence, improve camp relations and promotion, and kick start camp development early in the program

How: Visit with camp staff during the 2014 camp and then host meetings after in July and August, 2014

Verification: Present the published manual.

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