Wood Badge Ticket #1

As I turn my attention to completing my Wood Badge tickets, I am going to publish these tickets and my progress here on russnash.me. Some of these tickets require additional blog entries to demonstration completion. All of these tickets were written on course with only limited time for refinement. As written, they may lack the clarity that I intend to impart over time.

Ticket #1 – COMPLETE (see comments)

Wood Badge Course: W2-111-14-1
Position: Camp Director – Camp Bradley
Beneficiary: Scoutmasters and other troop leaders

Vision of Success: Understand the details, aims and methods, history, and philosophies of the Boy Scout program in a manner sufficient to generate teaching and recruitment resources for Scout leaders to mentor them in fulfilling their work.

Goal: Using handbooks/manuals and training syllabi, gather information about Boy Scout (a) advancement, (b) activities, (c) aims and methods, (d) program philosophies, (e) uniforming, and (f) program history and generate infographics for each topic.

Who: Scoutmasters, assistant Scoutmasters, and members of the troop committee

What: Learn enough about the Boy Scout program to generate teaching and recruitment resources

When: July 2014-April 2015

Where: Council-wide

Why: To “sharpen” my own saw and communicate the information to others; to mentor Scout leaders

How: Personal study followed by the creation of visual learning aids (infographics); use principles of visual literacy and of the cognitive theory of multimedia in designing/developing these aids.

Verification: Present the infographics to our troop guide

One thought on “Wood Badge Ticket #1”

  1. 12 May 2015. Completion report. An object of this goal was to share conceptual information. I decided to use an interactive infographic rather than a static visual. I felt this would better align with social media outreach efforts.

    Using pictures of Scouts at various events in our council, I created a collage, uploaded it to ThingLink, and linked concepts found in my study to specific sections of the collage.

    Because ThingLink is social media friendly, it was easy to add Scouting videos to reinforce certain concepts.

    Here is the link to my ThingLink

    In order for ThingLink to become an effective means of mentoring Scout leaders, I have to find the right pictures to accompany the concepts. This will happen slowly over time. With enough ThingLink projects, the council (or Camp Bradley) can develop a powerful portfolio and employ that collection in social media outreach efforts.

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