The Old Camp

Many who have lived in the Snake River Council and neighboring areas have fond memories of Camp Bradley. As a photographer and as the prospective camp director for 2015, I’ve been asked by the council to photo-document the camp facilities. Not all of the buildings at Bradley are in the best of condition, but there is still a certain beauty in them in spite of their deteriorated state.

As I complete pictures of the camp, I’ll post some of them to in case any of you want to follow along.

lodge_ext_01_roof-damage-back_15x10_72p_MG_5372_HDR office_ext_01_roof-detail_15x10_72p_MG_5044-46_HDR office_hallway_01_10x15_72p_MG_4971 smlounge_ext_03_roof-view_15x10_72p_MG_5067_HDR

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