Flash Animation

February 19, 2014 – Click the image or link below to open my flash animation.

Image by Everaldo Coehlo, LGPL 2.1

Click to view flash animation
Image by Everaldo CoehloLGPL 2.1


Image by Everaldo Coehlo, LGPL 2.1Click to download the .fla file
Image by Everaldo CoehloLGPL 2.1


I used this project to begin preparing for my final project. For this final project, I envision a simple layout with buttons along one side, a frame for the image(s) on the other, and tabs across the top. The tabs are for navigating among “scenes”, meaning different shooting conditions.

This flash animation is short because I intend to use it as an opening animation within my project. I don’t want anything drawn out for an opening animation (not in a simulator anyway).

I like the motion tweening on the buttons (maybe too random for the final project) and the frame-by-frame animation for the tab bar, but I’m not a fan of shape tweening on the picture frame. I would prefer a simple appear/disappear animation on the picture frame, but I don’t know how to do this yet.

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