Portfolio: First Reflection

February 17, 2014 – I’ve been working very hard for the past month on preparing the AECT Standards table, moving all learning artifacts into russnash.me (and into docs.russnash.me), backdating those artifacts so they remain historically accurate, aligning each of the artifacts with the AECT standards (both the 2000/2005 revision as well as the 2012 revision), and compiling them all into a class-by-class layout. I’ve figured out my preferred formatting, found the icons that I want to use, and finally worked out a work flow and protocol.

This experience has been nothing short of exhausting. How I wish that I had had the technical expertise, money, and foresight to building this product from the beginning!

Because of the birth of our baby at the start of February and the complications that we experienced two weeks ago, it is safe to say that I am at least a week behind. I hope to finish indexing all of the artifacts tonight (indexing means moving them into and formatting them on russnash.me and/or docs.russnash.me, labeling them with the appropriate standards, compiling them into class lists, and transferring them to the master standards table).

At this point, I have loosely written parts of the rationale paper, hoping that if I added to it as I went, I would remember my thoughts on aligning each artifact with the standards. Because of the time crunch I was under today to finish indexing every class, I didn’t add anything to the paper today. This means that 513, 533, 543, 597 Blog, 597 App, and 511 are not in the paper yet.

I have yet to start the video reflection.

Work that I didn’t do today because it can wait until after the initial review: (a) move the media files (mostly pictures) from nashrualive.wordpress.com to russnash.me, (b) check the links in the app design journals (point them to Google Drive and make new QR codes, if needed), (c) finish indexing assignments in 505 and the edtech definition from 504, and (d) clean up the references in all of my learning artifacts.

Work that is still urgent this week: (a) simplify down the summary table, (b) finish the rationale paper, (c) produce the reflection video, (d) link all three to the home page/menu, and (e) fix the digital story video.

I’ve been on the computer today for over 18 hours and counting. I’m tired.

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