Reflection on PLN Criteria Assignment

October 7, 2013 – At the time that I am writing this reflection, I’ve had a chance to see only one other reflection from my PLN. Forrest has already explained the basics of how our list came together, so I would like to comment on two things that I think were advantageous about this project. First, multiple minds feed one another. When we are exposed to the work of others, it is easier to critically look at our own work and see it from a different perspective. Second, multiple people bring more to the table. For example, in our email communication during the project, Daniel brought in references to citation guidelines in Purdue’s OWL, Forrest shared insights about limitations with Google Docs, and Glori was the first to make general comments about all of the resources provided in the module.

Sharing the load of the assignment was also very helpful. I’m currently in one of the busiest seasons of life that I have yet experienced since starting the EdTech program, and having help from my PLN with this assignment was a breath of fresh air.

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