Curation Checklist

October 7, 2013 – Curation Checklist: 17 Criteria for Assessing Quality and Value:

    1. Contains a selection of current, engaging, high quality, relevant, original content of the best information that adds value to the field/industry as a whole
    2. Content enhances demonstrated expertise
    3. Content is from verified, credible authoritative sources
    4. Content is identified, verified, synthesized, contextualized and summarized by an individual human mind
    5. Content is organized using tags and has been sorted and ranked
    6. Content is pulled from multiple sources with different viewpoints and angles to accurately encompass the subject
    7. Content has been digested and mixed together before distribution to build a value-added final product
    8. Information is organized in the best way to help learners make sense of the topic and aids in scaffolding student learning leading to a greater level of understanding for the learner
    9. Allows learners to construct their own meaning by allowing them to create new relationships between different information-elements
    10. Supports discovery and comprehension of a topic from multiple complementary viewpoints
    11. Content identifies a niche and consistently stays within context of the overall theme to support a central idea
    12. Content feeds a network with meaningful information and helps readers stay current with information trends.
    13. Content is generated by user/participants who both consume and produce within a network
    14. Content reflects passion and expertise
    15. Content is presented with a creative, clean, attractive layout and design with any graphics used enhancing value
    16. Content includes multiple mediums such as text, images, and video from across multiple platforms such as news websites, blogs, social networks
    17. Consistent and sufficient attribution given to original authors and creators



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