EDTECH 506 Design Journal – Week 14

December 2, 2012 – Gestalt, I love this concept! My personality is rather gestalt-ish itself. I’ve always been a big picture person who can’t feel settled on a matter until I understand how the parts relate to the whole and where I stand in the greater picture. Consequently, this is precisely the challenge that I’ve been wrestling with regarding Journey to Excellence and the leader packets and training that I’ve been developing. How does Journey to Excellence fit within the greater whole of Scouting and within the greater picture of the lives of our leaders and their youth participants? How do I motivate potential users of my tools/training to desire to fulfill their role within the greater context of the aims of Scouting? How do I cater my training to have meaning to them given all that they have going in life?

I haven’t finished the gestalt assignment yet, but really want to work on it today. This might concept might turn out to be a key in my unit of instruction that unlocks meaning in my training materials. Over the weekend, I had two significant experiences with Scout leaders and Journey to Excellence that will help me focus on gestalt in my visuals. Without those experiences, I would be at a loss.

That said, I note quickly that some of the information on the course website states that this gestalt assignment and journal post are due by Monday (that would be 12/3 and would be great given the experiences I had over the weekend), but others state they were due by 12/2 (I didn’t have time to make that extra credit deadline, in large part because of all of the Scouting work I did over the weekend). I may be too late to submit this assignment on Moodle for extra credit, but I’ll give it a shot anyway. Its always a good idea to gather a little extra credit.

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