EDTECH 506 Design Journal – Week 13

November 30, 2012 – It’s nice to finally see the unit of instruction come together. As I mentioned in previous journal posts, I’ve been working on standardizing the look of the images. I’ve adopted a particular set of colors (silver-gray, dark-olive green, and blue), a recurring texture that mimics paper, a recurring selection of fonts (Century Gothic and Pristina), and a recurring appearance in the title area of the graphics. As instructed, I’ve tried to take into account and reflect suggestions from the Moodle forums in my updates to the images. I’ve found that many of the suggestions have improved the quality of my graphics.

I’ve chosen to post the final project to my SawtoothJTE.net website since this is the location where the training will permanently housed, so to speak. Because this is a functioning site with a variety of content already in place, I elected to create a unit of instruction that runs on a single page. Downloads and other links leave the page, obviously, but the instruction and the graphics I’ve developed are otherwise all on a single page. This will allow the instruction to fit more seamlessly into the rest of the site. Also, because of the training culture and common terminology of Scouting, I chose to call the three (maybe four) lesson plans “steps” instead. They are presented as the necessary steps for training leaders on the use of the leader packets I’ve been developing.

Because of my early-semester switch in topic from photo editing to Journey to Excellence, there is one graphic that needs to be completely revamped. I haven’t decided yet where to use this graphic, so it is presently missing from my draft proposal. It was the shape exercise from week 6.

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