EDTECH 506 Design Journal – Week 12

November 18, 2012 – This week’s design work marks the beginning of my attempt to standardize the look of the various graphics that I will use in my final unit of instruction. I created a banner-like graphic intended to be the introductory visual in my unit of instruction. Click here to see a picture of the graphic.

The graphic relies heavily on an asymmetrical design and ample white space to achieve balance. I intended a certain degree of figure-ground tension to “stall” the eye on the words Scouting and Journey to Excellence. This pause shouldn’t last long, however, before the eye reads the words, Leader Packets and falls away to the right. In my unit of instruction, this dropping of the eye will lead down into the actual unit materials.

I found this part of the design process to be very enjoyable. Pending feedback from my classmates and instructor, I will begin to incorporate certain visual elements presented in this graphic into the rest of my visuals in preparation for submitting the final project.

I hope the graphic achieves a nice balance of aesthetics and functionality.

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