Picture Book

November 12, 2012 – It looks like its time to turn our attention to our final app project. I’ve been looking forward to this because I have wanted to get to work on the final project, but, on the other hand, I’ve not been looking forward to this because it means that my practice time is over. I had hoped I would know enough when practice was over.

As it turns out, I didn’t know enough. I hadn’t really worked with multiple screens yet, even though it became apparent this week that my app will heavily depend on this feature. I found a tutorial online that taught me how to construct a multi-screen app using App Inventor’s newer updates and link those screens together into a common navigation menu using a list picker element. I had to cut out a few components that weren’t relevant to my app, but the build worked out in the end.

This app feels slightly “simple” for a final project. A problem with making the app more complex is that the time which will be required to complete this app in the next few weeks will be 40-60 hours because it is also a photography project (the app showcases the photography). Another problem is that the app is supposed to be “transparent” and not get in the way of the pictures.

I could just as easy provide the pictures this app will showcase on a CD or in a PDF format, but I wanted to experiment with the picture book app for two reasons: so I can practice building a useful app of this nature and to add additional copyright protection for the pictures (harder to copy from the app as opposed to a CD of images).

The very point of the instructional images that I’m creating is to eliminate unnecessary wording and other visual clutter so that teachers/therapists can display the images to their clients as part of their professional services. This app is basically meant to be a virtual picture frame with one page of instructions on the front end. I don’t think my prospective users would want anything more.

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