EDTECH 506 Design Journal – Week 11

November 11, 2012 – After wrestling with the flu this week, I got around to looking at this assignment on the last day before it was due. Fortunately, this assignment was a good match for an effort to rework part of the official scorecards. This unit of instruction isn’t being designed to replace the official resources like the scorecards, but to supplement them. So why do I need to rework part of the scorecards to supplement them?

After meeting with leaders in our district at a recent Rountable gathering, I realized that many leaders are still completely unfamiliar with what the Journey to Excellence program even is, and this in spite of our efforts these past two years. This means that I can’t just focus my unit of instruction on tools that help leaders crunch the JTE numbers, but must also focus the instruction on key concepts about performance that are embedded within the JTE program itself. To that end, I felt that I could point out an important concept embedded in JTE (efforts in some areas have greater impact on quality than in other areas) by reworking a scorecard as part of this organization project.

Still haven’t found many common threads in the appearance of my designs.

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