Where’s My Car … er, Property?

October 29, 2012 – I was pleased to find a work-related use for this week’s app assignment. I’m just starting to offer aerial photography to real estate agents as part of my line up of services, and this app has the potential to save me time in the prep work that goes into preparing for the aerial shots. The app’s current configuration requires that I visit each site on the ground before returning by plane. While at each site, I can tell the app to remember the coordinates of the location and can then recall those coordinates once I’m in the air and lead me to the site.

Because I anticipate that agents will want to maximize the value they get out of an aerial photography order, I’ve added the ability to mark and be directed to a second location. I’m not sure if the ability to mark a third location would be needed yet.

The functionality that I want to add to this app is the ability to type in an address or a set of coordinates that I found online and have the app remember them in this manner and launch Google maps to led me to the location(s). This would allow me to save time and money by skipping the personal visit to a site prior to the aerial shoot. Doing this with the app wouldn’t be hard, but I haven’t had time to do it yet. I would also like to add a means of re-ordering the stored locations so I have more flexibility when planning for the most effective flight possible.

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