EDTECH 506 Design Journal – Week 9

October 29, 2012 – The assignment for this week was a figure-ground selection activity. I felt that a good candidate for a figure-ground project was a spreadsheet-like form, and I’ve wanted for quite some time to create a tool like this for my unit of instruction. The form itself isn’t as much a training visual for the unit as it is a tool that must be in place before the training can be finished. Because this form and its all-in-one data tracking nature have a propensity for being very visually cluttered and hard to decipher (see the official scorecard that this supplements), I wanted to practice principles of selection and try to bring the conciseness and clarity of the form to a new level.

The form or tool that I created for this assignment features a spreadsheet section for recording monthly updates to several JTE categories (for packs) and an occasional or year-end section for checking milestone achievement or recording year-end numbers. The form lacks the single focal point that a focus on figure-ground strives for, but considering that this is an all-in-one data review tool that deals with 12 categories requiring data input ranging from integers to percentages to check marks, I felt that the focus I was able to get was as clear as I can currently produce.

I think there is still opportunity to refine this further and consider more carefully how it impacts working memory in users and how CARP might enhance it.

Here is a link to the tool.

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