Snake River Canyon Tour

October 21, 2012 – First thing that I want to note about this app is that it was much simpler to build than some of the previous apps. I think this was the case because the blocks required to run the app were fewer and more straight forward than those used to make my last project.

The simpler layout of the blocks editor doesn’t change the fact that the listPicker and activityStarter were new to me, but they didn’t seem overly complex. The most difficult part was getting the right coordinates/URLs from Google Maps.

My dataURIs variable is set to make a list using two geo tags and one street view URL. Initially, I was unable to get the street view URL to work and the geo tags were not accurate. I finally visited and found the precise coordinates for the two sites that are geo tagged, and with the help of a classmate (thanks Josh), I was able to get the street view working also.

Here is my QR code for the revised app:

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