EDTECH 506 Design Journal – Week 8

October 21, 2012 – This week I continued with the changes I mentioned last week. Designing products for this new unit of instruction is more intuitive and useful to me at this point in time. In fact, the very work that I have wanted for a year to accomplish in my district chairperson capacity is being directly facilitated by the assignments in this course. They seem to be a perfect match.

Learning about contrast, alignment, repetition, and proximity actions was not a revelation, per se, in that I had never considered them before, but it was a useful exercise in methodically thinking through their use in a design. I feel that I made significant headway in the development of the tools I will need for JTE training and support.

I am most pleased at this point with the increased simplicity that this study of CARP (contrast, alignment, repetition, and proximity) has brought to my work. Simplicity will be critical to the success of these tools when applied in real training situations. It also generally fits well within my personal paradigm.

Here is a link to the tool I created for this assignment.

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