Ladybug Chase

October 15, 2012 – I attempted to experiment more with the blocks editor this time (more than I have with previous apps). My focus with previous apps was often cosmetic and taught me several things about the component designer in App Inventor. Feeling more prepared to tackle the blocks editor, I attempted to make a few simple changes in the coding such as stopping the frog’s movement once it had eaten the ladybug and changing the energy given for each aphid eaten. I also added a counter that tracks aphids eaten and I attempted to add a high score feature. This is where I ran into trouble.

The high score feature and the TinyDB appear to work fine when you use my app, but you’ll notice that everyone once in a while you’ll reach a certain score (and reset the high score), only to reach a lower score the next time and see the high score count drop. I spent several hours looking over this, but couldn’t see the problem. I plan to post a screenshot of my blocks editor on the Moodle boards to see if any of my more experienced classmates can help me find my error.

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