No Texting App

October 8, 2012 – This app build went more smoothly than the last one (MoleMash). I did run into some trouble with runtime errors whenever I would download, uninstall, redownload, and attempt to reopen the app. I had to reboot the phone each time to get around these errors. This is the first app we have built in our coursework that I could actually see myself using on a regular basis as I travel from place to place.

The feature that I still want to add to the app is the ability to screen which numbers receive information about my location. Because my phone number is on the Internet and is my main business line, I don’t really want everyone who sends me a text message to know where I’m at. My wife and a few select other family members or friends can have access to that information, but no one else needs to know.

I attempted to add a check box that would turn on/off the GPS location feature, but I couldn’t get the app to work and received runtime errors every time. After reading chapter 18 in the App Inventor book, I attempted to add an “ifelse” block into the Texting1.MessageReceived box, but I got an invalid message body error. I will have to continue working on this …

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