EDTECH 506 Design Journal – Week 6

October 8, 2012 – Because of a rather crazy schedule this week, I was unable to get much done on this assignment during the week. I read through the textbook chapter assigned in the module and contemplated my project off and on, but I didn’t get to the actual work until the day it was due. I was initially planning to create a graphic that used circular forms to emphasize the sequential nature of photo editing and square forms to represent stages in that process. Given that the steps in each stage are not easily depicted with simple shapes or simple words, however, I chose instead to focus on one particular element of photo editing that is important for learners to understand: resampling as a destructive edit.

The graphic I settled on uses a circular shape as a background to create unity among the other shapes on the page. That said, the overall graphic still preserves a rectangular 4 to 3 ratio for use on computer screens. The graphic also uses squares/rectangles to signify elements that must be dealt with or accounted for in the resampling process, such as the actual picture itself and pixel data. It further takes advantage of size and edge detail to depict the idea of pixel loss (data loss). A very crude depiction of a trash can and a few arrows add to the message of the graphic. The trash can (labeled pixel trash) anchors the bottom left corner of the picture and the arrows guide the eye through the resampling sequence.

Concerns? Yep, I think it is too busy and it wouldn’t work out of context. This is mostly because the concept of resampling is as foreign to most people as is the notion of a destructive edit. Click here to see my before- and after-user-feedback graphics.

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