Mole Mash

October 1, 2012 – This third app (MoleMash) was more challenging than the first two (obviously, I suspect the text tutorials are written with such an intent). Last week I felt that I was able to accomplish almost all that I was hoping to accomplish, but this week was different.

In reviewing my classmates’ work, I noticed that several of them were able to accomplish certain features that I was looking for. Specifically, I felt my app was lacking the presence of multiple image sprites, variable timing animation factors when the various sprites were touched, and a few foundational visual elements on the page (just for the record, I hate AI’s ultra-bright-blow-your-eyes-out color palette; it has a 1990’s flare to it). I noticed that one of my peers, in particular, posted screen shots of her blocks editor layout. I want to spend more time comparing her layout with mine to figure out where I fell short. I also plan to spend more time with chapter 17 looking for additional insights.

Discouraging news now. Still not being able to connect my phone to App Inventor, I became a little more aggressive this past week in looking for an answer, and found that a number of developers are having problems connecting the Samsung Galaxy S3 to AI. The only answers I found: Samsung needs to fix this.

OK, to be honest, this is troubling to me because I traded my comfortable iOS platform for an android device at a somewhat hefty price and a two year-contract only to find out that the very purpose for which I made that change is beyond my reach because of software compatibility issues. I’m not happy with Samsung right now, not happy at all. Anyone interested in buying a Galaxy S3 in December?

For the record, I was unable to upload my MoleMash.apk file to the class site, so I uploaded it instead to my own Google Drive and made it public. I kept receiving a server upload error when attempting to put the file on the class site. I’ll try again in a day or so.

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