Hello World!

September 16, 2012 – Fellow Edtechies in the app development course, here is my design journal. I just finished making the HelloPurr app, but because I don’t have an SD card in my phone yet, the editor couldn’t communicate with it. I had to use the emulator. I noticed that a few others in class used the emulator also, but either way, I made a change (or two) to the HelloPurr app as outlined in the tutorials by changing the text visible on the page and inserting a different sound file. Maybe you have to be familiar with cats to appreciate the changes. I think I should have named my app HelloGrrr, but its good enough.

In terms of my experience with App Inventor, I would have to say that it was slightly confusing at first, but I expect that it won’t perplex me forever, especially once I get the block editor figured out. I honestly think I had a harder time trying to remember where to post my .apx file and what to post in Moodle (and then there is this blog also), but I figured it all out.

I’m glad the instructor made the Google site for us. Without thinking, I tried earlier to upload my .apx file to this blog (that doesn’t work) and to the edtech2 server (that didn’t work either), and at last I remembered that life isn’t that complex when you can find that one particular email that came through in the midst of everything else telling us where to post the files … sigh.

Scan the QR code to download the app.

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