You’re Adding What?

July 24, 2012 – As I have recently left my employment as a seminary teacher, I have been exploring personal interests and associated career opportunities, and I have used this blog as a forum to showcase a part of that exploration. With this post, another dimension of that exploration begins to unfold.

Some who have visited my blog have noticed that I enjoy taking pictures and posting them online. This is something that I will continue to do so long as I blog, but I feel drawn to look more deeply into this habit. I want to know what writing and photography may have in common for me.

What I’m Not

I’m not a professional photographer. In fact, I don’t really have any formal training on the matter and I’ve yet to acquire my first digital SLR (soon … any recommendations? I’m thinking about a Nikon D5100).

I’m also not expecting amateur picture snapping to be much of a precursor to becoming a professional or semi-professional photographer. The more I learn about writing and photography, the more I learn that I have more to learn.

What I Am

I am anxious to learn, and I’m moving in that direction. I’m anxious to hear from experienced writers and (now) photographers. I’m ready to put samples of my work out there and hear the painful truth.

I am ready to walk this long road. I may need a bit more momentum in my posts before you’re ready to follow my progress and share your opinions, but come when you will. I’ll be here, alive and well.

Articles and posts I’ve been reading this afternoon on

Samantha Chrysanthou’s discussion about making the switch from amateur to professional photographer.

Niall Benvie’s thoughtful post about starting out in the business of nature photography.

Alain Briot’s thoughts about developing a style as the means of standing out as a professional photographer.

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