#EDTECH597 Embedded Audio

Copyright 2012 by Russell Nash. Use permitted under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommerical (CC BY-NC) license.

July 19, 2012 – Continuing my writer’s inspiration theme for this week’s EDTECH 597 assignments, I turn my attention to an audio post.

I spent a few days this week with our Boy Scout Troop camping at Camp Hunt on the shores of Bear Lake in Northern Utah. We were assigned to the Cherokee campsite where, only a few feet from my tent and from the gathering place in our camp, was located a small brook.

Of course, you might imagine that the brook attracted quite a bit of attention from the boys. They spent as much time jumping over and wading in the brook as they did in the rest of the campsite. One of the boys even caught a garter snake (and put it in his tent so he wouldn’t lose track of it … you can imagine how that went over with his buddy) and had to be taught the appropriate way to “leave no trace” when attempting to interact with the wildlife.

Anyway, back to the brook. As the boys filed off each day to their merit badge courses, I enjoyed hour after hour sitting at a picnic table next to this brook working on school assignments. I noted at one point how inspiring the location felt, and I believe it was because of the sound of babbling water.

I took a picture of and recorded the sound of the brook on my last day at camp. I thought you might enjoy hearing this, especially those of you who like to find inspiration in the great outdoors.

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