#EDTECH597 Kerawalla 2008 Note #1

July 16, 2012 – Important quote from the readings for next week’s blog proposal:

“The range of behaviors we found within a group of 15 students demonstrates the flexibility of blogging, which may pose a challenge for educators who are designing courses with prescribed blogging activities. Our findings suggest that, in many circumstances, it may be appropriate to make blogging activities flexible, voluntary, or loosely prescribed, so as to give students the opportunity to adapt blogging to meet their own needs, whilst still completing the required activities.” p. 32

Kerawalla, L., Minocha, S., Kirkup, G., and Conole, G. (2008). Characterising the different blogging behaviors of students in an online distance learning course. Learning, media and technology 33(1), 21-33. doi: 10.1080/17439880701868838

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