EdTech 597 Embedded Picture

July 15, 2012 – As a new writer, finding sources of inspiration is critical to my work. Over the past decade, I’ve learned to look for inspiration in the world around me. Time will only tell how some of the scenes and imagery that I’ve noticed will influence my writing, but I’ve begun to collect a repertoire of pictures that documents this search. Many of these pictures have been included in the banner for this blog.

Copyright 2012 by Russell Nash. Use permitted under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial (CC BY-NC) license.

This is a view from the highest platform at Inspiration Point in Bryce Canyon National Park. It isn’t the Grand Canyon, by any means, but the distance from the camera to the trees in the upper left corner of the picture is over a half-mile (as the bird flies).

The inspiration behind some of the pictures may not be obvious to my readers, but I think it will be obvious to everyone why I find this picture inspiring.

The camera simply does not capture the vastness of this space and the feeling one has when standing there above this scene in the warm afternoon breeze.

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