Tips for Self-Publishing Success

June 29, 2012 – EDTECH 597 List Entry.

I haven’t self-published yet on Kindle, but I want to explore tips for successful self-publishing in the digital book market. This post reflects my early efforts to derive tips from the Internet about keys to success. A note on the EDTECH 597 assignment this post fulfills: because my list is inspired by the works of other people, I’m giving credit by mentioning the author and linking to the post. In other words, this “list” entry is also a “links” entry.

Tips for Successful Digital Self-Publishing:

1. Know which genre are popular with readers. Caroline at has a new review of popular fiction and non-fiction genre.

2. Lindsay at recommends that authors consider what their abilities are and use them to their advantage. On a similar note, Caroline asserts that authors can work closely with agents and develop better relationships with publishers if their work is well defined.

3. Karry recommends that authors determine a price that will generate sufficient revenue without coming across as too expensive to consumers. She recommends a price around $2.99 for e-publications of about 30-50 pages in length. Dean Wesley Smith, on the other hand, has a thoughtful argument about books not being priced too cheaply.

4. Karry also recommends that authors, if publishing short books or reports, release a new publication every month. I think the same could be said for authors of longer works, but obviously with a different time frame. Rarely will a single book make enough money to live on.

4. Garrett Gunderson recommends that authors think about selling specific rights to a work individually, including different language rights. These rights can be resold when contracts expire, making a single work as profitable as possible.

This list isn’t very long yet because I’m learning as I go. More to come. Feedback is welcome, especially from those of you who have self-published.

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