Rel: A New Focus

June 24, 2012 – In refining the focus of this blog, I’ve considered those topics I feel qualified to speak about and have decided which I most frequently ponder and expound upon in my day to day activity. Having done this, I feel I must add an element of my professional work—religious education—to this blog. I hope to hold on to the topic of simplicity, but I have little time to follow this carefully and will not focus on it heavily for at least a few months. As this blog is my catch all, I will continue to post personal entries for my family and friends that follow me.

Fellow edtech-ies and other readers, you will see a number of posts on this blog feed which will explore connections between the purpose that I and my colleagues have as religious educators in Seminaries and Institutes of Religion (this purpose is explained in our Objective and Fundamentals of Gospel Teaching and Learning documents) and the learning pedagogies and theories that harmonize with the practice of blogging and the creation of extended learning communities through online interaction.

I would not normally do this, but given that my Ed Tech 597 peers are required to subscribe to this blog, I will state up front that I realize some of you may not wish to read religiously-oriented material, and I respect that. For the duration of our blogging course, I will label all of my entries containing religious writings with rel: at the beginning to assist those who wish to be able to skip over such entries in their feed readers.

I welcome any constructive feedback on my rel: posts, whether you’re familiar with religious education in our church or not.

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