Back from Alturas

Picture of Russ waving at the camera.

June 17, 2012 – I’m back from a training retreat in the Sawtooth Mountain area of Central Idaho. Especially for those not familiar with Idaho, I thought you would enjoy a few pictures. The sun was really bright on the day these pictures were taken, so they’re not the greatest of photographs, but if for any reason you wish to copy or download one of them, click here to see my media licensing.

Picture of the mountains above Alturas Lake.
A view of the Sawtooth Mountains above Alturas lake.
Picture of the forest along Cabin Creek
Not far from camp, this area became a favorite for seclusion and quiet reflection.
Picture of rocks entangled in the roots of a fallen tree.
Its not uncommon to see rocks entangled in the roots of fallen trees. I call this one, “forest potatoes.”
Picture of Cabin Creek.
Cabin Creek is running high (and far beyond its banks).
Picture of a small water fall on Cabin Creek.
One of many small water falls along Cabin Creek.
Picture of wild flowers near Cabin Creek.
From soft forest floors to rocky sage land in less than 100 yards, wildflowers like Indian Paintbrush (Castilleja linariaefolia) dot the landscape beyond the trees pictured above.
Picture of the Sawtooth Mountains.
Looking north from Galena Summit, the Sawtooth Mountains tower over the Alturas Lake area (at center, left).

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