Simple Technology?

June 2, 2012 – Simple technology? I’ve heard some call this an oxymoron, but I believe it is a key to survival in a digital world. This article makes that point clear from the stand point of those who develop new technologies, but is the issue relevant to those who use technology in the classroom?

Educators, are you looking at a new technology? Will it simplify or complicate your classroom? Is the technology focused enough to be clear and intuitive to users? Look to Apple for a Job well done in this arena.

Is the service provided by a new technology simpler than that provided by the older technology? My employer just rolled out an online attendance and credit tracking service that links all of our programs (worldwide) in real time while simultaneously simplifying certain classroom administrative tasks and enhancing data accuracy.

Good move.

Are others achieving more with this simpler technology? Blogging does this. It may carry potential problems in the classroom, but it can kick the door open to creating a student-centered (and usually student-owned) community of practice where constructivist learning approaches can be situated in meaningful contexts. I’m an advocate of situated learning. I’ve seen and experienced the power of such learning.

What other technologies have you found to be both focused and outcome-rich while actually simplifying the learning process?

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