Be Simple, Live Simply

June 2, 2012 – Six years ago this month, my grandma passed away, my cat died, I finished preparations for my fourth career change and started a new job, and our family moved to a new area only two days before our fourth child would be born (by c-section). Our oldest was 4 years old and this was our 13th move in only nine years of marriage. It was a rough month.

But it was also the month when I discovered simplicity.

I am ever searching for a simpler way—in life, in love, in thought, in word, and in being. As I become simple, my world follows without coercion.

I came across these posts (click here or here or here) from Rhonda Hetzel’s blog where she talks about the power of becoming simple (not just changing one’s environment).

Found similar posts or testimonials? Have similar views? Please share.

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