Technology Use Plan Presentation

Originally posted on July 31, 2011 on for EDTECH 501 – Introduction to Educational Technology.

July 31, 2011 – This technology use plan presentation has been created with my current employment with Seminaries and Institutes of Religion in mind. Click the image or link below to open the presentation in Google Drive.

Image by Everaldo Coehlo, LGPL 2.1

Open Google Drive
Image by Everaldo CoehloLGPL 2.1

I struggled with this assignment for two reasons. First, my employer has a very strong and active technology development program in place and I, in my present position, am unprepared, unqualified, and unauthorized to create a technology use plan that would realistically reflect a meaningful proposal in the context of my employer’s actual efforts.

The second reason for my struggle is a strong disconnect between the ability to innovate and expand technology resource use in our organization at the general, or central office level, and the local level, where I work. While I am somewhat repeating what I just said in the paragraph above, I simply note that individual facilities like the one I teach at are expected to work within a very limited set of options when it comes to technology use planning.

My revised technology use plan was developed within the constraints applied to my local facility. Viewers will note that it lacks many of the elements that might be found in a technology use plan written for a public school or even by staff in the central offices of my employer. This revised plan looks more like a prolonged learning-project designed for use in a single teacher’s classroom. My revised plan, however, does model the design and build of larger, more extensive plans. After creating three versions of this technology use plan in the past week (and publishing two), I have found that approaching the planning process from the local-program angle was the only way I could make a realistic plan that might actually be carried out. For me, this is the best way to approach technology use planning at the present time.

Author update: Feb. 1, 2014 – As mentioned in earlier blog posts, I no longer work with the Seminaries and Institutes of Religion program, but have included this learning artifact in my portfolio because it reflects my competence at the time with certain AECT standards.

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