Professional Learning Network Plan

Originally published on July 31, 2011 on for EDTECH 501 – Introduction to Educational Technology.

July 31, 2011 – Here is the plan that I created with


Enlarge image

The first thing I realized in putting together the schematic of my professional learning network (PLN) is that I have a lot more connections stemming from my employment in Seminaries and Institutes of Religion than I do from my EdTech studies. I suppose this isn’t surprising since I’ve been with my employer for over six years and have only recently started my EdTech training in June of this year.

I expect that I will primarily continue to add to the EdTech side of my network in the coming years. While I hope for continued growth in my employment, I don’t anticipate that this side of my network will expand much (only as I identify existing elements and include them in my plan). It is always possible that new resources will be added through my employer, but I don’t foresee any at the present time. The EdTech side of my network, on the other hand,  is something that I believe I can add to substantially in coming months and years.

In terms of my future network and adding to the EdTech portion, I’m especially interested in becoming more connected with faculty and peers at BSU and with other professional networks or resources that will help me master the technology tools, like the Adobe Edge Community. I also hope to keep building up my network of research tools like Zotero and Google Scholar and to tap into resources that are a little more suited to my line of work. Public education works very differently from what I do.

On a personal note, I’m the kind who needs little reminders of what I have available for a project, especially if the project is challenging to me or takes me into areas I’ve never seen before. The PLN plan has already been helpful in showing me how many resources I currently have at my disposal, and it will continue to be helpful as my network resources and people-connections continue to expand. In a different course (EDTECH 502), I recently noted that simplicity seems to be elusive in many online environments, especially as tools and networks grow. The PLN plan is a great tool for keeping these tools and networks visually summarized in a relatively simple form. I anticipate that I will update and add to this plan (using often.

Author update: Feb. 1, 2014 – After completing EDTECH 543 – Social Media Network Learning, I generated a number of additional learning artifacts related to a professional learning network. Those artifacts are available to view on this page.

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