Religious Content

Originally published on June 9, 2011 on for EDTECH 501 – Introduction to Educational Technology.

June 9, 2011 – Fellow Ed Tech faculty and students (and anyone else dropping in for a visit), please feel welcome to browse around my learning log and give me whatever feedback you deem important to our objective as students and future professionals in educational technology. If you would like to learn more about me and my background, please visit my about page.

In case you haven’t yet had a chance to read my profile on Moodle, please allow me to give you notice about my situation and what you will find on my blog before you read my posts. I’m a religious educator with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon). My work and my curriculum are obviously of a religious nature, and I’m passionate about both. Of necessity, my work with EdTech will have some religious undertones. However, I believe in adhering to the principles behind the separation of church and state, and I believe those same principles apply to this learning log. I hope to draw a proper line in this forum between posting excessive religious content and using an appropriate level of theology as the rationale for my work, when such is even the case. If you have feedback for me in this regard, please leave a comment on this page or send me a personal message in moodle.

Thanks for visiting my learning log.


Author update: 1 Feb, 2014 – Though I am no longer employed by Seminaries and Institutes of Religion, I remain passionate about the subject matter and very devoted to the practices and theology of my religion. I have retained this learning artifact because it reflects my early efforts to be sensitive to diversity among educators and learners in the EdTech program. I have updated the about page link above to the equivalent page on this website.

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